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Therm-x Thermesthesiometer Probe is built in accordance to NBS TN-816, "Engineering and Construction Manual for an Instrument to Make Burn Hazard Measurement in Consumer Products" (Marzett a 1974). A fine wire thermocouple for contact temperature measurement is precisely placed on the probe to simulate human touch. Probe body temperature is controlled with a temperature controller. Temperature controller maintains human body temperature using a secondary thermocouple.


XTMX3125 Thermesthesiometer Kit includes:
1. Detachable Probe with Protection Cap P/N XTMS3125
2. Temperature Controller P/N XTMI3117
3. Temperature Controller Power Cord
4. Thermocouple Extension Cable for Data Logger
5. Carrying Case
6. Calibration Certificate


Thermesthesiometer Probe is validated using a glass reference surface. A precision RTD sensor is used for an accurate contact temperature measurement. Four second contact temperature is measured at various glass temperatures. Measurements are verified using a controlled environment Fig. 15 of NBS TN-816.

Heat Controller Overview

Heat Controller Overview

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