Microbead Thermocouple

Therm-x world class manufacturing and quality systems combined with extensive knowledge of temperature sensors, makes Therm-x the best solution for these types of complex temperature measurement specifications devices.
Medical requirements demand specific material and process requirements especially when the device enters into the human body. These applications involve high volume, labor-intensive, quality ensured assemblies at cost effective pricing. Therm-x’s high standards call for cleanliness, capacity, and superior quality systems.


Definition of Industry


Therm-x microbead thermocouple is focused and designed for use in the medical industry for specialty applications such as catheter, laser liposuction, sleep apnea machines, spirometry equipment, and other medical requirements where very small temperature sensors are necessary.


THERM-X Solutions and Offerings


Therm-x microbead thermocouples are made from medical grade and approved materials including: 40-44 AWG thermocouple wire and medical grade bonding materials. The hot junctions are laser welded, tig welded or soldered using a microscope. We can provide any medical grade overtube materials to isolate the exposed hot junction (polyimide, polyester, teflon and nitinol tubing).


How Does THERM-X Solve the Industries Problems


Therm-x has a low cost manufacturing facility to help keep your assembly costs low and to handle your high volume requirements. Therm-x has beenwell versed and experienced in cutting, loading, welding, stripping, fixturing along with sophisticated QC processes.


THERM-X Provides Value Added Solutions


• Specialized Overtubes
• Connectors
• Special Bead Size the Optimal
• Color Coding and Bonding Materials

Microbead Cross Secion

Standard Bifilar Polyimide Insulated Wires (Special limits of error)


All microbead thermocouples can be laser welded, tig welded, or soldered.

Microbead Chart 1

Ordering Information




Example Call Out Specifications: 44 AWG. K TYPE, 28” Long, 1/2” Stripped at Termination

Ordering Information

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