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Therm-X SVT was established on June 28th, 2007 with the goal of producing high quality price competitive wire harnesses, machined parts, electromechanical assemblies, temperature sensors, electric heaters and controls to Vietnam and foreign markets.


Therm-X SVT has a well rained staff of design engineers capable of drafting using AUTOCAD and SOLIDWORKS 3D modeling. Prototype design assistance is available for heating, sensors, control systems, and electrical applications.


Therm-X SVT is ISO certified and has a robust IP control plan as well as supply chain to meet the requirements of semiconductor OEM customers.

Therm-x is ISO 9001 certified

Therm-x SVT EICC Statement

Therm-x SVT is a manufacturer of high-quality machined parts, electromechanical assembles, wire harnesses and temperature sensors and is committed to the principles contained in the Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition (“EICC”) Code of Conduct (“Code”).

We will incorporate these principles into our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics to address conduct across several areas of corporate social responsibility, including environmental compliance and ethics, health and safety, labor and wages.

Therm-x SVT is committed to self-assessments to ensure our policies and procedures are properly enforced and will communicate our corporate social responsibility requirements to our suppliers and will require all suppliers of critical components to acknowledge and implement the Code.

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Therm-x SVT Customer related process PRM 7.2

Therm-x has documented established processes for all aspects of it Quality Business System including procedures for customer related processes for Quoting through product realization and configuration management


To describe the role of Management in reviewing requirements related to the product, and any subsequent modifications. To ensure that:

  • The customer’s requirements are absolutely clear and documented.
  • Any special requirements are resolved and agreed upon.
  • Therm-x has the capability to meet all the requirements agreed upon.
  • Risks associated with delivery and new technologies are evaluated.

This process provides guidelines to management for coordinating the review of these documents, returning signed documents to the customer, when required, and disseminating the requirements of these documents to the affected personnel.


Applies to all contracts(P.O.s)placed by a customer and their subsequent modification, which directly affects the administration of operations at Therm-x.


Contract: An agreement between two or more parties for the doing/ or not doing of something specified, a formal document. The written form of such an agreement at Therm-x includes all customer proposal contracts, purchase orders, change notices,

revisions, amendments, supplements, or equivalent documents which provide contractual direction or instructions.

Contract/Purchase Order: A formal document issued by the customer to procure a product or service from Therm-x and constitutes a written agreement between the customer and Therm-x. The contract / purchase order contains all applicable quality requirements in the body or in referenced documents.

Letter/Fax Contract: A notification, confirmation of order in lieu of P.O., which authorizes commencement of activities, pending pricing agreement. Scope for the requirements are clearly defined and authorized by the Therm-x management.

Request for Quote (RFQ): A document(s) issued by the customer to obtain information related to whether the supplier could meet the requirements of delivery, cost and specifications. This can follow a phone inquiry or the result of a fax/Email message.


T-SOP114 Sales Order Entry & Contract Review
T-SOP163 Planning Procedure
T-SOP137 Quoting Procedure

Thermx SVT Customer Related Process

Therm-x SVT Customer related process Quoting T-SOP137

Therm-x has established processes for customer interaction and quotation to ensure that all aspects of the customers requirements are met or exceeded including cost and lead time expectations


To define the process and procedure for responding to RFQ/RFPs for OEM and distributed customers.


This document applies to Customer Service and Sales for the purpose of providing quotes & costing.


RFP/RFQ: Request For Quote/Proposal
Build to print: Product or assembly that is specified by a customer drawing
Distributed item: Catalog part quoted from a price list


PRM 7.1.3 Configuration management
T-SOP138-F2 Configuration control log including Risk assessment


The Customer Service and Sales Department is responsible for this policy.


All build to print quotes must be reviewed for compliance to customer specifications as well as the organizations and supply chain capabilities. Risks are reviewed per T-SOP138 prior to quotes being submitted. Configurations are documented and processed per PRM 7.1.3

  1. The amount of detail on a particular quote may vary; it must be suitable for the nature of the job and number of departments involved in manufacturing the requested product.
  2. Do not presume any requirements. Make sure you’re very clear on the customer’s exact requirements. (Requirements are written form and agreed upon by customer before any contract is accepted)
  3. Each quote is given a unique quote number.
  4. When a quote is submitted, a copy of the quote must be stored in the relevant Cost file on the network drive, by SD part number. If accepted, the quote is then used as input to the orders & purchasing procedures along with the customer PO or contract.
  5. The Cost folder must contain all relevant information used for the quote. This includes copies of drawings, specifications, any calculations or assumptions used, etc.
  6. Profit margin must be applied considering company’s norms and following goals:
  • Building long-term relationships with customers
  • Broadening the product range purchased by each customer
  • Detailed costs are calculated using the standard cost sheet format in the SD folder as outlined below. All inputs and costs associated are reviewed including outprocesses and conformance to specifications.

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You find backer solutions all around the world in applications such as irons, dishwashers, heat pumps, satellite dishes, power grids and trains.







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